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What's For Dinner: Tortillitas with Shrimp

Via Mark Bittman's blog, Bitten, I found this wonderful little "appetizer" which I quickly turned into dinner.


Half cup each chickpea (garbanzo) flour and all purpose flour.
1/2tsp Baking Powder
Water enough to make a thin batter (thin like heavy cream).
Minced Garlic
Finely chopped Onion (1/3 cup or so)
Herbs -- I used Cilantro
Chopped Shrimp
Dried Chili


  • Combine flours, salt, baking powder in bowl. Add water small amounts at a time and whisk to keep the mixture from lumping. Add water until you have a thin batter, like the thickness of heavy cream.

  • Add in Garlic, Onion, Herbs, Shrimp, a decent amount of ground Pepper, and half a dried birds eye chili. (I put a whole dried birds eye chili and it was a little hot.)

  • Let the batter rest while you heat up your favorite non stick pan, medium high heat, with a decent amount of oil.

  • Once the oil comes to temperature, ladle out a ladle and a half full of the batter into the oil. It should sizzle and start to fry. Do not put a lot of batter in the pan, you want thin pancakes, not thick ones.

  • Cook three minutes per side (or until batter has thickened in the center of the pancake).

Serve immediately. If you've made them right, they are delicate, beautiful creatures with great taste!

I squeezed a bit of fresh lime juice on them and they were just fantastic. My batter would have made about two or three if I had portioned it correctly.
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An awesome weekend

After working very hard and crazily for two weeks, I asked for Friday the 20th off. What a perfect day to have!

I left Corinth around 6:45AM and made my way to Gardiner to get my car checked out for inspection. Rear subframe mounts need to be replaced, which is about a two hour job. Ugh. And various lights (which is normal). The good news: The car's chassis is in better shape than 90% of those its age in Maine. I'm jonesing for an engine swap now... Drools.

I arrived in Portland around 11 and saw on FaceBook that Tina wanted to go for a walk and have breakfast with someone. I called her, drove to her house, and that's exactly what we did. It was an absolute blast to wander around Portland reminiscing about living there and sharing stories of the distant past. We had lunch at Marcie's, which was actually quite good for a hole in the wall.

When I got to JJK's house, no one was there. But JJK did manage to rope me into seeing Watchmen later that night with Tyler. We were late enough that we missed the previews and advertisements! Life is good! Watchmen impressed me primarily because it didn't feel like three hours, things just flowed. However, the lack of character development for Ozymandias was frustrating. (Is it strange that my spell checker knows the name?)

Saturday I managed to just relax all day and not feel bad about it. We had a relaxing breakfast--French Toast prepared the way I like it (baked) and I made some good dinner, too. I'm feeling rather Curry recently. And Saturday night I think I helped remove another quarter of the Tequila from the bottle.

Finally, after waking up a little hung over on Sunday, I made it out to my parents and helped load the Virtual On arcade machine into a U-Haul headed to New Hampshire. The machine has been in my parents garage for about four years, but it has a new home now!

That was my awesome weekend. Almost completely unblemished by work, stress, or worry.
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Loving dance again.

I don't know if I've written about this recently, but I am taking tap dance lessons again. I stopped taking lessons when I was in high school, not sure exactly when, but I know I had a car when I was taking my last classes.

At the time, I thought I was too busy to spend time doing one of the things I enjoyed very much. I also thought that I wasn't getting anywhere at the studio, but didn't think about moving on to another instructor and school. Now, I realize I was an idiot to stop.

There are very few things in my life from which I can extract such enjoyment and excitement. Tap dancing, driving competitively, and fixing problems. I think they marry pretty well and the gestalt indicates something about how my mind works and how I approach everything. All three of the aforementioned things share requirements of analysis, thought, planning, and change.

I will be participating in the recital in May. I'll post information as the date approaches and as I become comfortable with the routine we'll be performing. I know the routine will be to "Step In Time" from the Mary Poppins movie.
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So, it seems I use LJ primarily to gush about television shows that I like.

I think that's a sign of a lack of something. Like a life, but whatever.

Gush: Dollhouse isn't terrible. Damages is still awesome. Lost is returning to glory. Skins is still truckin'!

I'm still at home, unshowered and thinking that I really should leave soon to drive south and baby sit the kids tomorrow.
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I'm paying almost exactly what I should be throughout the year. Therefore, I'm getting about $100 in total between the Feds and Maine.

However, I don't have all W-2s. Points South may mess up this equation.
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It's been one year and a couple days since I officially started working at my current employer. It's been a lot of fun, with a lot of challenges, and I'm looking forward to the next year!

I'm due to update this journal with details about my trip to Washington D.C. during the Inauguration of President Obama. That should happen this week, I'm feeling a bit more steady and ready to write.
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In keeping with other recommendations

Beyond the awesomeness that is "Damages", people should watch "The Mentalist". They are both good shows for very different reasons. "Damages" is a rollercoaster of awesome. "The Mentalist" is a classic, well made, crime formula show.

And I want bandwidth back, sharing with MeIMC sucks.
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More dream fragments.

Last night I dreamed (why isn't dreamt in my dictionary) the following:

I was at JJK's, laying down on the futon, late at night. JJK excitedly described this new gadget that he had purchased/made. "It is so trippy. Sometimes it takes a couple minutes for me to snap out of the trance it puts me in." He then turned on the device. In the dream, I entered some kind of trance state and saw very pretty, bizarre pictures. Every couple of minutes, I would jolt "awake" -- and I'm not sure whether I was waking up in reality or just in the dream or even in the dream within the dream.

A couple days ago, I dreamed that Akira and I were at an auto parts store and I bought windshield wipers.

Usually I don't remember what I dream, so these are all very strange things. But I remember their seed memories. The JJK dream is rooted in an article I read yesterday. The Akira dream came about because I realized I needed winter windshield wipers.
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Nothing is ever perfect, I just gotta accept the reality of that.

Subbuteo move is not going terribly smoothly, but I'm sure it will settle out.